He did again. Aleksander Doba crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

His Third Transatlantic Kayak expedition concluded successfully earlier today in Le Conquet, France. Aleksander Doba landed ashore after paddling solo in his kayak across the Atlantic Ocean in 110 days, clocking around 4150 nautical miles (8100 kilometers). Whitestock Transport is proud and honored to have been part of this amazing endeavor by providing shipping and delivery of his kayak “OLO” during one of the stages.

Doba’s journey began on Memorial Day 2016 and was interrupted just four days later. Shortly after his ceremonial embarkation from the Hudson River near Statue of Liberty, the Polish adventurer suffered a major setback, forcing him to abort the attempt. At night he got caught in strong tidal waves that overturned and pushed the vessel ashore near the Sandy Hook peninsula. Olek got away unscratched but “OLO”, his kayak, did not. Salt water immersion damaged onboard electronic and navigation systems beyond repair and continuation was out of the question.

After hearing the news, Whitestock Transport reached out to media coordinator Piotr Chmieliński, offering help in local towing should the need arise. The response came back immediately. It turned out the crew was looking for an overseas shipping provider to send the damaged kayak back to Poland for necessary repairs. And so it happened, “OLO”, sailing from New York to Gdynia, accompanied two classic cars inside one of our containers. From that moment, Olek’s quest had become “ours” as well. Exactly one year later, “OLO” returned to USA fully refurbished and ready to continue.

The rest is a history that has come to a happy ending today in France. Congratulations Aleksander Doba and his crew, job well done! We now can relax and take a deep breath from the emotions stirred by the trip. Until, of course, Olek comes up with a new crazy idea… Just in case, we’re standing by!