Classic car sourcing in USA

Classic car sourcing in USA

In brief:

  1. Assistance in search and pursuit of rare classic cars within United States of America.
  2. Vintage and collectible automobiles in any shape.
  3. Vehicle condition inspection and verification before purchase.
  4. Extensive network of contacts in the industry.
  5. Collaboration with specialized agents monitoring classic cars market.
  6. Well-honed skills to quickly react to and seize emerging opportunities.
  7. Assistance in finding restoration specialists.


Search and pursuit for rare, hard to find classic and antique cars in any condition. Completely ruined “rust buckets” or fully restored collector’s’ dream. We inspect and verify vehicle condition before purchase. Maintain vast and extensive network of contacts, sources and back channels in the industry. Continuously cooperate with specialized agents to monitor and track the market for desired models. Well honed skills to quickly react, seize and capture arising opportunities.

We stay on top, listen, track and follow until succeed.

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